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           1/01/17 - 06/30/17 ( Adopted or Update Received)

Happy Tails Update on Mr. Tux, June 2017

From Pam & Bonnie: Mr. Tux decided to come live with us after Mom's  (Bonnie) best friend past away. Mojo had been with her for many years and was dearly loved. I say Mr. Tux decided to come live with us because he took one look at Bonnie and was laying in her arms purring. Hair flying everywhere! We were told the name of "Mr. Tux" had been relatively new name for our new friend. So he became Mortimer "Mort". Mort is very relaxed in his new home. Spending his time sleeping at the head of the bed or posing for a camera . Mort is doing fabulous! 

Happy Tails Update on Gusto, June 2017

From Jacqui:  Gusto finds a home. My grey seven year old rescue, Buddy, had always lived with another cat. We put his recent companion down after Valentine's Day, due to an inoperable abdominal tumor. I missed Kiki, Kidden, very much. She'd been with me since she was a kitten sixteen years before. Buddy was nine years younger, wanted to play. She spurned his invitations. Holding one of her fore paws up at him like a traffic cop. Stop right there ! Gusto came listed and looked very relaxed in his S.P.O.T. photos. I came down to meet him and the delightful Linda Hart, in Burlington. Gusto was indeed relaxed. Head bumping each of us. Talking. Stretching out on his back. I was pleased, and signed the papers. The first week to ten days, it was not clear the animals would blend. Linda had explained Gusto was a dominant cat. But Buddy was senior, solo, cat here. They have worked it out wonderfully. They play chase in the garden and take turns being the chaser. Gusto's back story is that his owners moved away in January, but didn't take him. He lived by the generosity of neighbors, who fed him, for six months. Finally one thought they should refer him to S.P.O.T. He never passes up a food bowl, given his history. If this keeps up, we may have to modify his name to Gutso. We're delighted to have adopted him, he's a stone cold keeper, and clearly very happy to be here. Thank you, Linda Hart, and all of S.P.O.T.

Happy Tails Update on Peanut aka Stella, June 2017

From DeeDee:  Stella: Wanted to let you know that little Stella (who we have decided to call Peanut) has been doing great. She wanted out of her isolation room by day two! We held her and took her around the house the next couple of days and by day four she had completely acclimated to the house and the dog and cat. She is now best friends with our cat Simba - and Simba is loving having another kitty to play with - and race around the house with! Peanut is very fast (like you said) and certainly can hold her own. She was a little more afraid of the dog but she now knows the dog is more afraid of her! We luv her and are working on having her sleep in the bed with us at night! She loves to hang out but isn't a real "cuddle kitty" - but we will work on that. I've attached a few pictures of her. She loves sitting in the window sill looking out. Thank you for trusting us with her. She is very loved!!  (Stella came to use from North Cascade as a victim of a shooting. She had her leg removed due to this unfortunate incident. Stella ultimately got adopted by a wonderful home and is happy! Please see her in her new home and we can all rejoice in the thought of saving them all. Sandra Smith SPOT Foster Mom)

Happy Tails Update on Loki aka Ricky, July 2016

From Susan:  Just wanted to send a photo of the kitten now cat we adopted last year -he was at Petco. He's doing great! We absolutely love Loki. His name was Ricky when we adopted him. The best cat ever and he loves Ratty our dog. They wrestle around a lot!


Happy Tails Update on Tank, June 2016

From Lorraine & Dave:  Tank the wonder cat! Thanks again for the absolutely perfect Kitten. Tank is learning to paddle board! Tanks Mom and Dad.

From Frank:  Tommy Boy is doing outstanding. He assimilated in less than a day and is part of the family. I will send some pictures of him playing with Trixie--they have become good pals. His name has changed to "Rocky." The name fits him well! I am so happy to have him as an addition to the family.

Happy Tails Update on Tommy Boy, June 2017

Happy Tails Update, June 2017

From Julie:  3 Kitties:  Here’s a picture of the cats I lived with clockwise from top left: Zephyra, Gracie (came from SPOT), Lila (came from SPOT), Jujube, Lila, Lolitta (came from SPOT), Lila, Lolitta. Lila likes to pose for the camera. We’re deeply appreciative of SPOT. Three of our cats came from you, and they’re fabulous! My husband’s mistress is an all-white cat from SPOT named Lila and my darling is Lolitta, a lynx-point Siamese, you originally called Lola. My husband, Rich takes Lila in the car with him!!! She loves driving in the car, and going inside Petco and PetSmart. In fact, when my husband is working in the garage, she wants to sleep in the car so she’s close to him!

Happy Tails Update on Annabelle, April 2017

From Darlene: Annabelle! The pictures say everything.

Happy Tails Update on Dimples, May 2017

From Jolene:  Dimples is doing great! (We renamed him Otis). Our other two cats have adopted him and they all snuggle together! It's so sweet. Cindy was such a great help to us, and we thank you all greatly for all of your help in rescuing him and caring for him!

Happy Tails Update on Ginny, May 2017

From Ed & Susan: We are so grateful to have found Ginny. She is a precious addition to our family. We have renamed her to “Annie”, short for “Animado” which is a Spanish nod to our previous much-loved dachshund, Zippy, who died last year. Annie is sweet and so well mannered. Little kisses, quiet cuddles, happy to go for a walk, happy for a fun chase around the yard, happy to do some training for treats, so smart and responsive, hardly barks, only when the doorbell rings. We work from home as web designers. Annie has her own place between our desks in our shared office. She takes about 8 seconds to meet new people (clients arriving), and then sits quietly for the meeting in our conference room. We have learned she does not do well being crated. She is coming to good terms with our cat, Monique. We have a peaceful family bed with both sharing the covers. A few non-committal chases and barks, nobody really upset, just being a dog and a cat. Getting more playful. Now we are getting out of our chairs for daily walks around the neighborhood. We have successfully transitioned her to Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble, Her coat is getting shiny, so soft. We are looking into her weepy eyes—might be her mixed breed, might need help…? We are pretty certain she is a Dachshund Chihuahua mix. Dainty little cutie. All of us are so happy Annie has joined our family. Thank you for taking such good care of her until we could find her. She is perfectly housebroken, and so fun. We love her! Update on our sweet little Annie: She has settled in with us, after a couple of months now. She is an integral member of our small family. Annie is a quick learner for basic commands: Sit, Stay, Wait… Come…not so much… Rollover Freeze dried raw treats are a great motivator. Annie is very sweet with most of our web design clients and gets to attend some of the meetings. If there’s any uncertainty, she waits in her crate. It only took seconds for her to fall in love with Gramma Ruth. She loves long walks when she can chase a few birds at the end of her lead. Annie gets lots of attention when she rides the bike with Ed. Thank you, Nina, for taking such good care of her until we could find her.

From Laura:  Peanut:  We love her and the kids have renamed her Sparkle Kitty. She was very nervous the first week and hid. Gradually I won her over and she started to come out at night and sleep with me. She now follows me around. Super cute. After week one she is now coming out with the kids and they are loving playing with her and her cat toys. She's still a little apprehensive about the two year old. I give it another week and she will be completely at home. We love her. Thanks for being such and amazing organization. Our foster mom was also a huge help!

Happy Tails Update on Peanut, May 2017

Happy Tails Update on Wiggles, 2014

From Peggy & Jack:  Wiggles now named Max for 3 years. He loves both hubby and me but took awhile to like our two other beagles. He and old beagle got into fight to see who was in charge, beagle won.  Getting use to friends stopping by but don't trust him with 3 year old grand daughter. He has been twice to dog obedience or should I call it owner obedience! He is such a love! Here is picture of his favorite place to sleep!  Max does not like to ride in car, very anxious and sometimes goes poopy in car!

From Lucrecia:  My Life Has Been Renewed By A Basset Hound Named Walter. In March of this year, I was treading water as I desperately attempted to make sense of my life 3 months after Paul, my husband of 37 years passed away. He was the love of my life and I had no direction, or desire to live. One night while mindlessly looking at rescue sites, I came across a picture of Walter, a Bassett Hound. Paul and I had the pleasure of being parents of 3 Bassets in the past and I couldn't imagine myself with another breed. As I looked into his eyes, I knew we belonged together. I immediately contacted SPOT, met Nina and Walter and brought him to his forever home in Oregon. Walter and I have been together for 6 weeks and honestly I can't imagine a day without him. Walter is a love, and has saved my life. Our daily snuggles warm my heart, and his goofy personality bring me joy. I knew that when the time was right, I would rescue some lovely dog in need, but honestly, he's actually rescued me. To say that Walter is spoiled might be an understatement, but it's my desire and responsibility to provide him a wonderful life. I've recently returned to running and since I don't want to leave him alone for long periods of time, he travels in comfort and style in a pet stroller while I sweat and pant. Ah, a dog's life.   I'll forever be grateful to SPOT and Nina for being so patient with me as I worked through the difficulties of making my way to WA. to adopt my little boy.

Happy Tails Update on Walter, April 2017

Happy Tails Update on Yoshi, May 2017

From Teri:  Thank you for your time yesterday.  Just thought I would give you an update on Yoshi. He traveled with us to the store and then the office, then home.  Like he had been part of the family always.  Was very good at home, slept thru the night on his bed next to me.  Ate both dinner and breakfast.  No potty issues at all.  He now mostly sits when I ask, he is really smart.  Catches on quickly.  Not anxious at all.  He is a great dog.  We are very happy, God knows how much better he will get once acclimated to our lifestyle.  No interest in any toys at all.  He sniffs then walks away. Slept with me this morning from 5 to 7 was not at all annoying. I do hope Yoshi is as happy as we are.  
Thank you for taking care of him and being patient with us.  Will update you more later.  FYI he not only fits into his carrier perfectly but gets in an out on his own with no difficulty. He is an amazing animal.  What potential!

Happy Tails Update on Patches, Summer 2016

Summer 2016: Patches, blue merle pup from Summer 2016. Lives with Sis - Tessa & brother Bodhi - all SPOT adopted.

Happy Tails Update on Sammy, May 2017

From Kenzie & Cody:  Sammy, He is doing fantastic, loving his new family. He gets along perfectly with our other dog Miley the pug, our cat Stormy  and our daughter Aaliyah. He LOVES playing fetch with his dad :) Cody loves his new little buddy. We took him to our vet and everything checked out great, we signed him up for the wellness plan at Banfield. He is doing much better on the leash, we still have a long way to go but he has made great progress the last week. I don't have any good pictures right now because he is so busy they all come out blurry haha. We really appreciate SPOT and all you guys do! Thank you for helping our family come together!

From Stefanie:  Boris, now Louis (loo-ie), is doing extremely well! He has learned his name so quickly and knows his basic commands! He is now quite the gentleman on the leash and is very polite while he waits patiently for us to go through doors before him. He loves all the people he meets and has a new set of friends at doggy daycare that are helping him socialize. We have a lovely trainer coming on Monday to teach Louis that there is nothing to be afraid of when bigger dogs exuberantly want to say hello. Like everything else so far, I don’t think it will take Louis long to learn to be friends with bigger dogs. He is adapting well to apartment life. He LOVES to sleep, sleep, sleep! Sometimes I think if we didn’t wake him up for walks and cuddles, he’d happily sleep all day. He seems very content as the center of our attention :) He actually has his own Instagram account: @dognamedlouis  We love him and we're so grateful you found him for us! 

Happy Tails Update on Louis aka Boris, May 2017

Happy Tails Update on Mr. Miyagi, April 2017

From Julie, Pete and "Oliver": Mr. Miyagi -- Our new puppy is doing great!  It's been a month now and he really is part of the family.  He got his first haircut at our local vet office on Wednesday and she was amazed how calm and relaxed he was.  He's a cutie!!  We don't have an updated picture of his new haircut yet...but the attached is him enjoying the Padilla Bay trail last Saturday.  He's a trooper on the trail.  Hoping for many more "happy trails"!! Thank you!

Happy Tails Update on Nelly Belly Jelly Bean, May 2016

From Ruby:  One year ago today I got Nelly Belly Jelly Bean. Nelly is almost blind, a female orange tabby, and she absolutely trusts me now. The trust bond cemented about 3-4 months ago. So many things I couldn't do before she fell in love with me such as pet her belly, trim her nails, kiss her head and body, and now I can. Nelly is amazing! She will jump over a big pillow, my agility girl. We have developed terrific games. She has about 7 places where she hangs out. She rarely bumps her head and I have padded the walls around our play area with foam covered with terry. Late at night when no one is about, we wander the long hall and into the social room, etc. If someone does appear, Nelly will turn and run back and she knows exactly where the open door to our apt. is. Nothing escapes her notice. She listens to sounds and knows what I am up to. She sleeps with me and is a bed hog. I adore her.

Happy Tails Update on Annabelle, April 2017

From Darlene: Annabelle is a wonderful dog.  We are so lucky! She is working out really well. Yes two weeks ago she wasn’t really good on a leash but she gets better day by day. So happy to have her.

Happy Tails Update, April 2017

From Cass: She's doing great! She loves her cat tree we bought her, and is super spunky and cute! Her favorite thing to do is bird watch in our front window.

Happy Tails Update on Dona, April 2017

From Kelly & Mary: Dona is amazing and loves toys.  She knows how to walk on a leash, sit and has mastered the doggy door.  She is a perfect fit! This is her favorite spot to sleep and her favorite toy.

HAPPY ADOPTION 4/20/17 from Jenny & Chip: Gizmo is great -- happily accepted by all 4 legged and 2 legged creatures. The fish don't seem to care one way or the other. He is on a diet to lose weight and doesn't even seem to mind it. The next walk we go on with Beth, I'll have her take pictures. We are all very happy. Thank you  -- Jenny

HAPPY ADOPTION 4/19/17 from Lillian: Buckley is doing great!  Wednesday was I believe the third week that he's been with me. He's very smart, he's already into a routine and I'm already in the process of training him new tricks and new things.  Everyone that meets him loves him.  Adopting Buckley was a good decision. Thanks for checking up on us.

HAPPY ADOPTION 4/17/17 from Melissa & Scott: Bella is now Jazmyn (Jazzy) to us and we couldn't love her more!  We lost our little chi/terrier mix 15 months earlier to a blood immune disorder and had been left devastated.  Jazzy is a wonderful new family member who brings a lot of love, goofiness, smartness and joy in a tiny little package.  We are so glad we found S.P.O.T. and are grateful for the care given the animals before they find their new homes.

HAPPY ADOPTION 2/4/17 from Laura & Brian: We just wanted to let you know how Sabato, now known as Savu, is doing since we adopted him.  He transitioned as expected into our large family.  Our KBD Sophie, who you met, is so happy to have a playmate her size!  They became fast friends and they now love each other.  Mali and Enzo, our Italian Greyhounds took a little more time, but we are all a cohesive family now. Savu is a sweet boy who very apparently suffered great neglect in his earlier life.  He has restless sleep, growls whenever his feet, and backside are touched and his teeth are ground to nothing, which he is sensitive about, but with consistency, firmness and love, he is making great progress!  He loves going on adventures and we are teaching him to play.   He is so smart and quick to learn.  Most important, he is happy!  Savu will never again suffer at the hands of neglect.  He is ours and we are his.  He is even sleeping with us now!  He is a terrific dog!

HAPPY ADOPTION 2/5/17 from Tanya: Olive is doing great!  We named her Olive and she is fitting in to our family perfectly. She has her first vet visit today to get her next round of shots. Thank you so much for your amazing rescue and giving such love and care to all the animals you serve!  

HAPPY ADOPTION 2/5/17 from Rylee: Kiya and I are getting along great.

This is when I picked her up from SPOT.

Our first hike to Trillium Lake on Mt. Hood. She loved the snow!

Here she is being good at work and napping under my desk.

Here she is being naughty at my work.

HAPPY ADOPTION 2/5/17 from Amanda: We named him Lou. He is just a dream of a pup! He's learning house rules quickly and loving the kids and our other dog Delta. I have a few photos but I'm not sure they're great shots because he's always on the move. 

Happy Adoption from 1/5/17 from Randi:  Henry and Delilah are amazing. We had a little worry with a respiratory infection at the beginning but the vet cleared them and it's been smooth sailing since! Delilah has grown extremely fond of cuddling and is quite the lap kitty and has gotten a little bit more of the tortie marking while Henry has become quite spunky; always finding something new to chew on and chase and as you can tell by the picture a new style of sleeping. Both still extremely loving to us, each other and our puppy. Delilah will always be a petite kitty but Henry has grown like a weed and continues to get bigger. Our hands are happily full with these two. 

Happy Adoption from

January 7, 2017

     Adopted 12/22/16

Kyna 2 & ahalf months old. One of 5 bottle fed babies..  Got her forever home today!

Angel Baby/ Jewels

Angel Baby, Adopted 11/4/16

We are totally in love with your Angel Baby.  We have named her Jewels. With those beautiful gold eyes and silver fur the name just seems to fit!

It took her about a week to settle down...she didn't want to eat but that is no longer an issue LOL.  She is venturing all over the house now.  She is a kleptomaniac... lol.   She's been stealing things off the bathroom counter.  So far a toothbrush, tissue and a sponge.  What a goof. 

The picture of her on the bath tub was taken this morning....she's getting big!!  She comes in and watches my every move.  She took to me right away but she's warmed up to Kim now. She sleeps with us and is such a demanding lover.  She's so sweet.  

We have 2 dogs and they've met her but they are not "friends" yet.  The picture where she is under the table, she snuck down while they were sleeping and sniffed them out. 

Thanks for doing what you do to save these beautiful babies.  Enjoy the pictures. 

                ELSA TABBY Adopted on 11/6/16


Hi there!


We adopted a tabby kitten (Elsa) on 11/6/16 from PETCO in Mount Vernon and I wanted to give you an update! She has already become such an exciting addition to our family. She instantly made our house her home and is comfortable and happy.  She loves to play, cuddle, and is constantly purring. We love her so much already. Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt her and give her the home she deserves! We are so excited to get to know her more and watch her grow into an amazing cat.


Kind regards,

Cat Adopted on 12/8/2005


Hi-- I just wanted to give an update on a cat I adopted from SPOT 15 years go today. I walked into the Petco in Mount Vernon looking for a new kitty friend for my then-current cat after losing a 17 1/2 year old three weeks prior. Sullivan was very distraught at suddenly being alone. So, after looking at the kitties at the adoption event, I found "Shelby", a 2-3 year old torbie, noted as being found as a stray. She reminded me of another cat I had lost nearly two years before that and I was just smitten with her adorable face. So I filled out the paperwork and took her home. She took to me quickly, but Sullivan, not so much. I let her have her space and on Easter Sunday 2002, she decided that Sullivan was ok after all and it was time for her to join the family. Since then, she has been surrogate mama to many foster kittens, Little Miss Social Butterfly to anyone she meets and a darn good furry Florence Nightingale. She always sleeps with me at night, but during 11 nights of hell with pneumonia earlier this year, she was plastered to my back, right next to my lungs, purring me better. The 12th morning, I felt a bit more human and she didn't sleep next to my back that night, nor none since. She knew when I needed her help and when I was starting to recover. She's 17-18 now (I call it 17 1/2), just now starting to show her age, but still the feisty, opinionated matriarch of our other 11 cats. We love her so much and can't imagine the past 15 years without her. Thank you so much for rescuing her so I could adopt her, all those years ago. I'd love to send a picture of her, but can't figure out how to get one in here LOL With much gratitude, Chris Apling Oak Harbor, WA

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