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Saving Pets One At A Time

November 24, 2017



Dear Fellow Animal Lovers,

Best wishes to you and yours as we head into the holiday season from all of us at Saving Pets One at a Time: our legion of volunteers, board members, fosters, event coordinators and other unsung heroes who work so hard to improve the quality of life for the cats and dogs in our care.  And, yes, as I am sure you suspect, this is our annual reach-out asking that you initiate or renew your gift to Saving Pets One at a Time aka S.P.O.T.

In this letter we will share some stories of the dogs and cats we have helped this year. We hope you  learn why your continued support is so important to us.

The costs that S.P.O.T. incurs to pay for the veterinary care and the ensuing treatments are our greatest expense even though we have some gracious veterinarians and clinics in our area who understand the financial limitations of rescue and work with us to offer the best care we can afford. Very few cats or dogs come to us without the need for some form of veterinary service.

We expect this trend to continue due to the growing number of senior pets (eight years and older) coming to us for assistance. We are fortunate to have some talented and dedicated volunteers who work hard and generously to keep costs as minimal as possible while providing the best care for our pets.  S.P.O.T. is committed to meeting the basic health needs of every cat and dog that comes into our system as well as spaying or neutering each pet prior to adoption.  In addition to the quality of life a suffering pet lacks, bringing them back to health helps each cat and dog find their new family home.

S.P.O.T.‘s commitment to our dogs and cats includes long-term care if the pet is unadoptable due to health or behavior issues. Sanctuary and foster homes provide safe, nurturing environments to pets with health issues like FIV, seizures or other chronic conditions that make adoption less likely; even those struggling with behavior issues like fear, lack of box or house-training and socialization have committed volunteer homes caring for them.  Often senior pets that come to us with age related limitations stay in compassionate and comfortable Sanctuary homes and S.P.O.T. continues the financial responsibility of sustaining life and health care until it’s time to say good bye.

The good news in all of this is that our Animal Team Coordinators, fosters, volunteers and the veterinary professionals we work with do not give up.  They all go the extra mile for our dogs and cats.


In summary, S.P.O.T. is still an all-volunteer organization.  We have no paid staff.  We depend entirely on our volunteers and donors.  And, we endeavor to spend our limited funds conscientiously to meet our one and only mission: helping dogs and cats in need.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  For your convenience, we have enclosed a gift remittance card and envelope with additional information about donation options.  All donors will be recognized on our web-site and spring newsletter.  And if you will, visualize how many rescued dogs and cats will express their thanks by looking in to your eyes with love, raising a paw, wagging their tail, tenderly leaning into you, or gracefully laying their head in your lap.

On behalf of all the dogs and cats we serve, thank you for your generosity and best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Very truly yours,

Teresa Letellier

Teresa Letellier,

President – Saving Pets One at a Time

(360) 336-5365





































































































































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