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           7/01/17 - 12/31/17 ( Adopted or Update Received)

HAPPY ADOPTION 12/17 from Anita:  Cisco:  Cisco was the best thing in the world for Simba!  They are buddies and playmates and Simba is teaching him the ropes about Sophie.  They are curious about each other now.  At first, we made Sophie submit to us, reminding her that she answers to us.  I will tell you, this little guy is fearless and brave.  He was making Sophie back off!   She is now understanding that he is family and much less hissing and arching.  Cisco ever went up to her this morning and claw-pawed her on her nose!  Other than that, last night many "no" words were issued:  No, you cannot crawl into the dishwasher!  No, you may not climb on counters or tables!  He spilled water everywhere last night. He has crawled into our heart and our home is completely his domain!   He is fun and funny and sweet and wonderful! "

HAPPY ADOPTION 11/17 from Jill:  Princess:  Princess Lives Happily Ever After… Princess, a 12-year old female rescue Irish setter has found her forever haven at my home in Tacoma, WA. Princess joins Mallory, a 7-year old female Irish setter and Shandy, a 12-year old female orange tabby cat. After just 2 weeks, Princess is settling in beautifully and seems very content. She is obedient and will come to me when I call her. Princess not only speaks on command; she also stands at the door and barks when she wants in or out. She’s a very good girl and extremely intelligent. She is so sweet. We just love her!  Princess comes to us weighing 87 lbs (approximately 30 lbs overweight) due to overfeeding by owners suffering from dementia. She is on a strict diet but still begs for people food. With diet and exercise, her new vet believes she will drop weight. She is surprisingly swift on her feet and has much better stamina than expected. She only has to navigate two steps in and out of the house and is doing that well. Princess doesn’t seem to be in any pain, but her weight causes her discomfort when laying down, getting up, and doing her business. Princess gets a short walk each day in her new neighborhood and loves being outdoors. A favorite pastime is being outside on gated patio with Mallory barking at dogs and their owners as they walk by. Lots of tail wagging. She seems happy. We are blessed. Thank you.

HAPPY ADOPTION 12/17 from Cassidy:  Mr. PB:   We are getting along fantastically I am so ridiculously happy having a little one again  I named him Killian, after Captain Hook from the show once upon a time because his tail hooks at the end :) Feb 2018 Update: Here are some pictures of him :) the top one was the face he gave me when I tried to make him come out from under the covers yesterday, the middle one is when he decided he was comfortable and was completely asleep like that, and the last one is him snuggled up with me while I’ve been in bed sick this week :) I also attached a video but it might not work. If it does, it’s a video of him climbing in the fridge as he does every time someone opens the door. He is the biggest love and I have never felt more joy in my life before him! He is 100% my baby! 

HAPPY ADOPTION 12/16 from Laurie:  Clifford & Panther:   It was about a year ago that I adopted Clifford and Panther, now known as Inky. Clifford is very healthy even with FIV. He is just a lovebug. Inky is the mischievous one but always wanting lots of love. Despite Inky being 3 legged, he runs faster than Clifford. Both are still best buds and very spoiled.  

HAPPY ADOPTION 11/17 from Lisa:  Bruno:  Hi there. We have Bruno (he was the boxer mix puppy with the bad legs) and he's doing great. No more issues with him. He's had all his shots. He loves to go to the dog park and play with anyone who will play with him. He drives my older dog (and us) crazy. He's so full of energy. He is extremely smart (and hard headed). He can't be kept out of our rooms since he's learned to open all the inside doors in our home..I hope you get the picture's I've attached. One last thing. He's now 62 pounds and had a bad habit of sleeping on

HAPPY ADOPTION from Rainee: Tank:  Our rescue Tank is thriving and doesn't want to miss out on any adventure.  We are so grateful for SPOT for connecting us.

HAPPY ADOPTION 11/17 from Chelsea: Muffin Man:  His name is Max now and he had turned out to be such an amazing cat we couldn't be any luckier to have him! His best friend is the Siamese mix named Abe and as you can see they are inseparable:) I just received your newsletter and wanted to give you an update on how he is doing :)

HAPPY ADOPTION 11/17 from Karin: Tucker: We recently came in to meet kittens and ended up connecting with Tucker (whom we have renamed Tor). Originally we had been interested in a different kitten but Tucker immediately nuzzled my boyfriend's hand and before I knew it he was climbing on his shoulders. We decided he had chosen us and were so happy to take him home. He is the sweetest little baby and loves to cuddle. He pretty much slept on my face one night. My boyfriend built him a scratching post and he loves climbing it. Its hard to believe he was ever a feral kitten with how affectionate and friendly he is now. Its been an amazing first time adoption experience! Many thanks to his foster mom, Cindy, and everyone else who made this possible; we love this little guy so much.

HAPPY ADOPTION from Olivia: Cakes: Just wanted to give you another update on "Cakes" who has since  been renamed by my daughter as "Romeo" but his full name is "Romeo Cakes Sugarbaby Snell" she wanted to name him that because he is such a love bug. He loves to give love and he loves to receive it as well. My whole family has really fallen in love with him! That goes for all people and animals that live here. I am kinda of surprised how fast he has adjusted here with us. He has been roaming all over the house and already has his favorite spots to sleep. He is eating, using the potty, and playing! He sure does enjoy batting the cat toy balls that we have here around the house. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him. He has already brought so much joy and laughter to us, and I think he feels that we love and adore him as well. Here are a few more pics of him just hanging out.

HAPPY ADOPTION from 14 years ago! from Fred: Simon: Sending a photo of Simon. He's doing well, it's almost been 14 years since we adopted him from SPOT. Blanket surfing is still his thing. We have three kids that give him lots of love every day. He's a step slower and getting hard of hearing but otherwise in excellent health. 

HAPPY ADOPTION 10/2017 from Brian:  Lucy: I wanted to let you know how Lucy is doing. She seems to have adjusted very well and is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known! She greets me at the door and sleeps on my bed every night, sits next to me when I’m in the living room. She loves to make sure we’re in the same room, even if we’re not directly interacting at the time. She has not acted out even once and rarely ever even tries to scratch furniture (I got her some scratchers which she seems to enjoy using instead). She greets me in the mornings with head rubs and kisses and I couldn’t be happier with her. My vet gave her a clean check and has even started carrying her food, so I can just pick it up there too! I’m so grateful to have found her, we seem very suited for each other.

HAPPY ADOPTION 2013 from Julie: My entire life, I’ve had a Siamese cat. There’s been Mingtoy, Micheko, Goldakevtch, and Pu’Yi, a blue-point I rescued from an abandoned car. When Pu’Yi passed away in 2013, I was devastated, and told my husband I needed to get another Siamese.

In the past, we’d adopted from S.P.O.T. (Saving Pets One at a Time). Our first adoption was an all-white cat, originally named Lilly. Within the day, she was renamed Lilly Latte, which was shortened to Lila. Our second adoption was a Russian Blue, aptly named Gracie.

The morning of Halloween 2015, we wandered into the PetCo in Mount Vernon, WA. As customary, I wandered over to the adoption center. Cowering in a cage was a teeny lynx-point Siamese named “Lola.”

My heart skipped a beat. Lola, a beautiful, little Siamese whose name was nearly identical to Lila!

I raced over to my husband, “I found Pu’Yi’s replacement,” I blubbered. A few hours later, we completed the adoption papers.

Lola was less than a year old, and had already had a litter of kittens. S.P.O.T. had rescued her along with other “doomed” cats from the “kill room” of a shelter in Spokane, WA. She was fostered for a few weeks, and then released for adoption the evening before Halloween. 

After observing her behavior, we renamed her “Lolitta,” which incorporated her original name “Lola,” her size “little,” and her sassy, flirtation personality, “Lolita” from the novel by Vladimir Nabokovk. 

It took just a week for her to start racing around the house, jumping on top of shelves and furniture, hiding behind corners and playfully swatting at our other five cats, climbing into open dresser drawers and flinging out clothes, opening cupboard to squirm inside, and keeping our desks tidy by tossing items onto the floor.

Every morning, Lolitta helps my husband make coffee by sampling the water. At dinner, when she hears the ice maker, she races to the kitchen, knowing she’ll have the privilege of being the first to lap ice water from my husband’s cup.

She’s equally adept at sampling food from our plates or sneaking a drink of ANYTHING with ice.

Lolitta is also helpful when it comes to “paper products.” She assists my husband and I in unrolling (and shredding) toilet paper and paper towels. One time, she opened a bathroom cupboard, and shredded 12 rolls of toilet paper. 

One of Lolitta’s many endearing traits is her “instant purr” mechanism. Whenever you pick her up, she instantly starts purring. If you don’t pick her up, she’ll roll-over, inviting you to pet her belly.

In so many ways, Lolitta has enhanced our lives with her antics, beauty, and most of all, her companionship. She’s truly a spooktacular cat!

HAPPY ADOPTION 9/2016 from Sienna: Buffy is now Jack.  Jack The Pirate Cat Who Stole My Heart!   I was not planning on getting a cat. I love cats. I always have, but my significant other is a dog person
and I was content with our beautiful German Shepherd girl. I went to Petco to get a mouse for my snake
and I walked by the cats hosted by S.P.O.T. just to say hi like I always do. This fluffy “orange” (at the time
he had a pink hue) cat reached his little white paw through the hole and grabbed the sleeve of my shirt
when I started to walk away. I stopped and said hi to him again laughing and every time I started to walk
away, he started mewing and crying. My heart broke. How could I leave him? The first thing I did was
contact S.P.O.T. about him (at the time his name was Buffy. He is now Jack) and his foster mom starts
sending me all these adorable pictures of him with dogs. I knew he was perfect. Took our German
Shepherd to meet him and he immediately laid on his back and poked his little feet out and poked her
nose. For them, it was love at first sight too. Jack is and always will be my heart. He is now the middle
child between two German Shepherds and his momma’s secret favorite. Whenever it’s bath time, I
always make sure to remind him, “You chose me!”.
Pre-Jack, my life was admittedly pretty sad. I lost my other cats under tragic circumstances and my
parents had been in and out of the hospital all year. Sadly, less than a month after adopting Jack, my dad
passed away. I was not going to leave him alone so I threw him in a box and dragged him down to
Oregon with me. He became the emotional support kitty and whenever someone would start to cry, we
passed them Jack. He would just lay there and purr and snuggle for hours. It has been a rough year, but I
don’t know how I would have made it without having this sweet boy to come home to. It is hard to be sad
when you walk in the door and there is a sweet cat jumping into your arms and telling you about his day.

HAPPY ADOPTION 8/2017 from Erica: Flash is now Jaq Lucifur (he is a little trouble maker - couldn't decide between Jaq and Lucifur, so he is Jaq when good and Jaq Lucifur when naughty).  He is doing great.  He has probably doubled in size, and is getting a little gut on him from stealing all the big kittie's food.  He is a cuddle bug and loves when people come to visit, or gets to go see the vet for his shots.  He has definitely made himself at home, and is thriving.  He is also encouraging the other cats to be a bit braver, and more social, which is wonderful.  I have attached a handful of photos of him for you and Corinne. 

HAPPY ADOPTION 8/7/2017 from Bronwyn: Etta: All is well with Etta and her friends Nico (front) and Rusty (rear). They are all getting along great! Etta had shots Thursday. 

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/27/2017 from Jen: Crispy Creme: She is doing great! Now she goes by Noka (short for Mino'aka) which is Hawaiian for "smile." She gets along great with my other dog and they're playing and snuggling all the time. She's been doing better with strangers, including men and we couldn't be happier to have her in our lives.

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/23/2017 from Deborah: Sugar: She is such a blessing!!  We love our new little girl.  (We named her honey) She is a perfect fit for our family. She is the most adorable little girl ever!!

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/9/2017 from Rebbie: Sky: She's doing so well!  We have kids running in and out constantly and it just doesn't seem to bother her at all!  She seems completely comfortable in her new home!  When we have guests she comes out to greet them and then cruises off - she's loving and warm but still cat-independent. We all absolutely adore her!  Especially my husband Tim - she loves him the most I think and follows him around like a little dog when he's home. 

Thanks again for checking in and for all the good work you guys do! 

HAPPY ADOPTION 8/1161/2017 from Lance: Tawny: Tawny now Diesel

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/11/2017 from Cindy: Cyrus: Cyrus is doing well.  He has really bonded with one of my older daughters!  He is a cuddler for sure!  l’m terrible with pictures but it could happen!

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/22/2017 from Magan: Annabelle & Marigold: I changed their names to Sugar and Spice.  They both are an absolute delight in our home.  We love watching them play, and when they are ready for their cat nap we love it when they cuddle with us or each other.  They are the perfect cats for us.  We are truly blessed to have them.

HAPPY ADOPTION 10/08/2008 from Leslie:  Archie Young: Our little Beagle/Sheltie became a part of our family on October 17, 2008 and at the time we were told he was around 6 years old.  We adopted him from SPOT and our dealings were wonderful and efficient.  Please click here to read the story and see the pics of the wonderful life this little boy is living! Archie Young's story

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/9/15 from Paul:  Eva: Since Karelian Bear Dogs are originally from Finland, named her Veikka after the first Finnish mountaineer to climb Mt. Everest.  We struggled for a week coming up with something but it fits. We think her former life was a traumatic experience for her.  Being tied up for so long, that's not good for a KBD.  She has such keen senses and so much energy.  She still runs and barks a lot. She needed people who would be patient with her. She's a typical KBD, she feels like she should be making the decisions.  But she's very smart and beginning to mind very well. She wants us to be happy with her, and doesn't like being in trouble. She's so much fun.  She's so gentle and great with people, especially kids.  We're very happy that she's part of our family.

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/22/17 from Nancy:  Rudy is doing great. We kept him in his crate for the ride home and he was quiet the entire time except for the occasional whimper.  He's been exploring the house and is just feeling comfortable enough to lay down on one of the many dog beds we have.  We did get to hear him bark.  We had his crate sitting in our backyard and he went in and sat in it (after we'd been home for about 20 minutes) and when I approached the crate to tell him to come out, he started barking at me.  I backed off and after a few minutes, he came out on his own. I think that's his 'safe place' because after we moved it inside, he went and sat in it a few times for just a few seconds and then came back out to explore. He and Maxie are getting use to one another and we think they will be just fine though I will keep you posted on them. Rudy is learning our routine at lightning speed.  He got up at 6 am and seems totally comfortable with everything.  We took him for his first walk around the neighborhood and he got to meet some of our neighbors and the doxie/beagle mix who lives down the street.  We do need to work on his 'walking on a leash' skills as he's all over the place but he's smart so he'll learn fast. We are so happy-Maxie and him are getting along like 2 peas in a pod!  Thanks to both of you for all of your insight and information about Rudy as it is very helpful to us and definitely making his adjustment to our home much easier. I have attached a photo from our walk and one of Rudy in the backyard.  Things are much better, especially between Maxie and Rudy.  Since Maxie put Rudy "in his place" Monday night, there hasn't been any problems between the two.  I think (paws crossed) that they may have finally figured things out.  Craig jokes that he's going to bring Rudy back because he was promised a dog that liked to sleep in and Rudy is up by 6 am and really for breakfast.  That's ok as we normally get up at 6 and if we're not, Maxie certainly is ready to go. We have a couple of doxies that live in the neighborhood and he did fine meeting them and the little girl that lives next door has fallen in love with him.  Whenever we go for a walk, she comes running over to pet him. We are happy with his progress and our main concern is working on his jumping so that he doesn't hurt his back. Thank you again for everything.

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/17 from Beth:  Hildegard: I think Hilde has settled in extremely well for such a short time.  She is definitely a Tomboy and a hunter.  We have had critters in various piles of wood around our place and she knows where they have been.  She was taking the firewood pile down in our wood shed until we blocked it off.  She loves the large basket of dog toys in the living room.  She and Jax are getting along very.  Hilde is in charge!  What was really funny and I didn't get a photo was when Hilde was in Ray shop (retired wood shop teachers have lots of wood piles) and crawled behind a stack and came out eight feet later under a big sander.  She was a little brown dog covered in dirt and sawdust.  This determined little dog got a bath!  She was very good! Hilde loved our yard and we have attached deer fencing to the gate rails to make sure she stays in.  This is Hilde and her new partner, Jax. 

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/29/17 from Karen:  Zumi:  Just wanted to give you a report on Zumi (I call him "Buddy" now :).  We are doing great!   We have been going for a walk and playing "fetch" in the yard with a tennis ball in the morning, enough to wear him out. Then we do it all over again when I get home!  He has nyla bones and a big rope toy he enjoys as well.   Crate training during the day and then overnight has been going really well! He only peed on the training pad the first night!  It seems he is already getting used to our schedule :). When I get home, of course he has been happy to see me and we play again in the yard :). And, he is eating well :).   I think we are both pretty happy with each other!!!  Thank you for all you do with S.P.O.T. and for helping me find my new friend!!

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/22/17 from Harmony:  Nala:  We are happy to be celebrating Nala's first birthday today. She picked her girl and they haven't left each other's side.  Even though she has had some social issues we continue to help her move past them everyday. Being the smallest dog in our 3 dog home has not stoped her from being the next alpha inline to her old auntie Daisy.  She loves her frisbee training and jumping exercise for agility course.  She is a very active dog and her human, Jessica, keeps her busy and love her dearly.  Thank you so much, The Forbes Family.

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/20/17 from Theresa:  Daisy:  Olive is the happiest dog I've ever met. She is full of love.  Everyone adores her. She doesn't share her ball with anyone and has a lot to say, but she is so great. She and her sister have two dog walkers who take them on hikes 5 days a week, then I take them to the pond to swim on the weekend. 

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/22/2017 from Cyndi & Karen:  Enid is settling in nicely. Chose a straw basket full of papers as a bed. Eating well. No crying only some in the car because she wanted out. Thanks for all you do and for helping Enid join our family.

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/20/2017 from Linda:  Roxi: Just a quick update to thank you again for letting us make Roxi part of our family. She is settling in and allowing Yoda to be top dog so all is well. She is a picky eater but other than that she is perfect and David loves her. Keep up the great match making they so deserve it. Update from 12/21/17: Happy new year Nina and furry friends. Just snapped this picture of Roxi and Yoda. Took a couple of weeks for them to work out the hierarchy but now they are great buddies. We adore Roxi and think she is happy with us. She has put on a couple pounds,runs and acts like a dog much younger than her 7 years. Our vet thought she might have had some trauma to back right leg seems a bit stiff and she sits with it extended. Please feel free to share her picture with past owners and let them know how happy she is. Our friends recently had to say goodbye to their dog and when finished grieving want one “just like Roxi” they think she is perfect size. Let me know if you come across one. Happy new year and thanks for all your wonderful work. Linda and Dave

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/08/2017 from Jen:  Lola: We are doing well. She is getting used to my routines and is enjoying our walks/hikes.  She had no problem with 5 miles a few days ago so we are going to try 7 miles today. She is so cute and fun.  a little destructive of some of her dog toys…we will just have to work on finding tougher ones!

HAPPY ADOPTION 7/02/2017 from Lindsay:  Cookie: Things with her are going great! We've actually changed her name to Charlie, and she responds to it very well. She's started obedience training and has been a great companion to our other dog Chappie.

HAPPY ADOPTION 10/08/2008 from Leslie:  Archie Young: Our little Beagle/Sheltie became a part of our family on October 17, 2008 and at the time we were told he was around 6 years old.  We adopted him from SPOT and our dealings were wonderful and efficient.  Please click here to read the story and see the pics of the wonderful life this little boy is living! Archie Young's story

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