Donate to S.P.O.T.

A new way to make recurring donations!
Donations to fit your Budget $10 on the 10th or $5 on the 5th or Whatever fits into your budget. Your monthly commitment can save the life of a homeless animal! What ever fits into your budget. $1 every month is $12 a year and will pay for one cat vaccination. 

Monetary Donations:

Make a donation whichever way is easiest for you. Either use the Donate Button or send us a check. 92% OF ALL DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY BACK TO THE PETS IN OUR CARE.


Please make your check payable to SPOT (or Saving Pets One at a Time) and mail it to P.O. Box 211, Burlington, WA 98233

Sanctuary Animals

If you would like to help with the care and sponsor one of our “Graying Muzzles senior dogs” or "Silver Whiskers senior cats" with veterinary care, medications, and food, See More

Spay/Neuter Support
 Managing Alley Cat Colonies (MACC)

S.P.O.T.'s MACC program involves humanely trapping feral and stray cats, having them vaccinated, spayed or neutered and ear-tipped before returning then to their original location. This is an effective way of stabilizing outdoor cat colonies.

Essential Care & Supplies


By providing any of the listed items, you'll help to enrich the lives of homeless animals. Shelter supplies, medical supplies, and monetary donations needed!


  • Foster Home Operations

  • Cat and dog beds

  • Litter pans

  • Premium canned pet food

  • Stainless steel bowls

  • Premium cat Litter

  • Puppy pads

  • Iams kitten food

  • Pet Carriers

  • Administrative Supplies

  • Postage stamps

  • Copier paper (Blue, Green, Pink, White)

  • Paper towels and other cleaning supplies such as bleach 


Professional Services

S.P.O.T. would welcome the assistance of any professional who feels their services would be beneficial. SPOT is not in the financial position to pay for such services, so donated services would be greatly appreciated. (legal, finance, veterinary, advertising, IT, etc.)

Planned Giving

If you own property, have a pension plan or life insurance, you have assets that could be a gift to SPOT. Planned Giving is not complicated and tax laws favor charitable giving. Substantial tax deductions can be achieved through planned gifts. Ideas for planned giving: Gifts of Stock, Gifts of Life Insurance, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Donation of Time and Cash Donations.

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