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PLEASE NOTE: the initial response to the completed application will be by email from a SPOT Volunteer.

Dog Surrender


The information you provide on this form will help us match your dog with an appropriate new home. Please be honest in your answers. S.P.O.T. accepts dogs based on space available and temperament assessment. Available space may delay response to this application for 2 to 3 weeks.


Surrender assessments are done by appointment.

Although we cannot guarantee S.P.O.T. will accept your dog, please come to a surrender appointment prepared to surrender your dog at that time.


You must provide proof of vaccinations (Parvo/Distemper) in the form of veterinary records for us to accept your dog. If your dog has received vaccinations from a vet clinic (current or not), please bring proof with you to your surrender appointment. Dogs that DO NOT have proof of vaccination require a two week isolation period - our isolation space is limited so this may affect a surrender.

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