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SPOT is an all-volunteer organization providing the Skagit Valley and surrounding areas with an alternative method of caring for and adopting out companion animals. We strive to provide an alternative adoption option without the risk of euthanizing healthy, adoptable pets.  We are able to do this through our Volunteers. The next few pages are our Volunteerism Project Galleries for the last few years.  We are always looking for new volunteers. Please join in the fun and become a volunteer. 

Ways to Volunteer

- Event Coordinator

- Pet Fostering

- MAAC Volunteers

- Education Visits

- Fundraising

- Administrative Tasks

(Click here for more info: Ways to Help)

Volunteer Survey

Please fill out the following form completely.

Animal Care
Can SPOT visit your home?
Are you aware of an City/County regulations for pets?
Do you plan to have the cat declawed?
Do you know that this cat will be Spayed/Neutered?
Do you object to this policy?
Are you able to financially support this pet?
Are you aware that this pet will need annual check ups?

Thanks for submitting!

                     SPOT Thanks You


                       Dogs are sweet

                        Cats are great

                    But SPOT volunteers

                     Really take the cake

                      Without your funds,

                    Time, energy and love

                  No help would pets have

                      In finding a home

                     Hungry and scared

                     Homeless and cold

      They just need a home to call their own

                      With your support

                   So much can be done

                 So thank you from SPOT

      And all the animals from the past, present                            And those to come

                A poem by Sandy Skrabut

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