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We celebrated Abby’s birthday in style yesterday! She had the best day with a spa day, doggy cake, treats, toys, and play time with her friends!

Can’t believe she’s already 1, time sure flies. We also just bought a house and we will be moving in a couple of months. So she will have a whole yard to run around in very soon!

Hope you’re doing well!

Abby, Robert, and Ryan

Abby Is 1 or 7 in dog years

abby and fam.jpg
abby eating bd cake 1 year old.jpg

Happy Tails Update on Celena

Gabby: My family and I adopted Gabby last year on 7/10/2017. We had just lost our beloved dog of 16 1/2 years. We saw Gabby on Petfinder. We fell in love with her sweet little face. Then we met her. Love at first sight. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She's the perfect little lap dog and loves her walks. Recently we added another furbaby to our family and they get along very well. We are so happy with Gabby and love her so much. Thank you S.P.O.T. 



Happy Tails Update on Benny

Hi there, I thought you all might appreciate a wonderful update on a kitten I adopted from SPOT in October. "Anchor" (AKA Benny) was born feral and trapped by SPOT at 4-weeks-old, along with his siblings and mother and father. I adopted the tiny, frightened kitten at 8 weeks. The first few weeks with Ben were slow and cautious - I carried on my daily routines as though I had nitroglycerin in my pockets and floorboards. Even the softest sound of a page turning in my book sent him running. My movements became slow and deliberate and I stifled more sneezes and coughs than I could count. Yet, there was a cautious trust he found with me, and curdled up on the bed with me at night, accompanied me at my computer in my office, and explored the house easily. He also quickly developed the odd habit of sitting on my lap...while I was using the restroom. For the longest time, this was the only time he would sit on my lap. Fast forward 8 months later: Benny is quite the confident, loving, playful cat. I've taught him to sit and catch treats in the air like a dog. He loves to squirrel and bird watch in his large "catio," and he's obsessive about a playing "hockey" - a game where I flick treats across the floor and he tries to catch them or chases them. Though he still flinches at loud or strange noises, and unfamiliar humans usually send him to his room, he has come such a long, long way. He is truly a incomparable joy in my life. I got him a younger brother in March and the two are close as litter mates. They run and wrestle, clean each other, watch the critters in the yard together, etc. Here's a link to some photos and a video of Ben. I included his adoption photo and one right after I adopted him so you can see the amazing physical transformation. He's stunning. I also included the video of him catching threats in the air. Thank you for a precious addition to my family. Warmly, Angie 



             Happy Tails Update on Sneakers and Tipper

They are doing absolutely great! I did keep their names as Tipper and Squeakers. They’ve got lots of toys, treats, friends, and attention. They have a black lab friend that they both get along with really well, as well as another kitten friend. One of my roommates also has a bearded dragon so all the kittens lay next to her cage and watch her. I took them in for a check up at the end of December and they’re both healthy and growing quickly. The vet said they’re going to be decently big cats. Squeakers is more outgoing and is more of a leader. Tipper is definitely more shy and reserved but he’s opened up a lot and is coming out of his shell more and more. I don’t think Tipper can really meow yet. Whenever he tries he doesn’t make much of a sound or he lets out sound at the end of his meow, but it’s getting stronger. Needless to say, they’re spoiled and happy. Squeakers has always been bigger than Tipper but Tipper has caught up and they’re almost the same size. They’re about double, if not more, the size they were at the beginning of December.

Happy Tails Update on Woody

Thought we would let you know how "Woody" is doing since we brought him home. He has settled in nicely. Visited the Vet on Monday and got the thumbs up + a couple of shots. Of course he has taken to Kathy as if he has been around her forever. Macy gets along fine with them playing together , even sharing one of 4 dog beds we have spread throughout the house. When they go out the sliding door they are side by side back and forth running the length of the yard . As for myself he is slowly warming up to me, just a little leery but it has been getting better. While he jumps up in a chair with Kathy he has yet to do so with me. But does now sit with me if I pick him up and last night I found he had crawled over and curled up next to me on our bed for the night. I believe he is going to be a "keeper" Thanks again for thinking of us when you started looking for a home for the little guy.

              Happy Update on Smudge

My husband and I absolutely adore this kitten! We renamed him Hopper due to how he likes to jump a lot when he plays.  He likes when we throw his toys up into the air, and far away for him to chase. He has even learned on his own that if he brings them back to us we can play fetch! He is wonderfully behaved and very social, and quite the talker when he wants to be. Thank you SPOT and to Mary the foster parent for this wonderful match! 

             Happy Tails Update on Storm Now Rayne 

We wanted to send you a message to let you know how wonderful life has been with Storm! She is fitting into the household beautifully. We decided to rename her Rayne after talking it over, Storm didn't feel as natural to say. We didn't want to confuse her though, but she has picked up so quickly. She's so smart it's beyond any experience I've had as a dog mom! 

We've been busy, busy, busy since taking her home! She enjoys the dog beach a lot and is super well-behaved with the other dogs. She doesn't swim but she will splash around in the water and likes to try to outrun the tide lol! We play fetch in the backyard throughout the day, the kids get super into throwing the ball for her. She's really taken to the frisbee and actually prefers to any of the balls! She struggles to pick it up when it's flat on the ground so we're getting a more dog-friendly one with a rope around the edge so she can grab it.

We'll update with more pictures and video soon!

Thank you so much for bringing this joy into our lives <3 Truly couldn't imagine a more perfect dog for us

Michelle and Nathan


                    Happy Tails Update on Mo AKA Golden Boy Hoya

I just want to pass on that Golden Boy Hoya, whom I now call "Mo," is a very wonderful Kitty. We are having a good time.  He does some farm patrols but also likes to sleep on his favorite chair or try and get the older cat to play with him.  He is always inside at night and does still have some kitten foot attack in him.  His fur is almost completely grown back.  We totally love him and he seems very happy here!  Thanks to SPOT for taking him in and getting him to me.  I hope we spend many years together. 




golden boy_1526.jpg

Happy Tails Update on Sweet Pea

We wanted to send a Sweet Pea update. She gets funnier and more sassy each day as she gets comfortable and more confident. Her food motivation is a riot and she's quickly conquering any puzzle board that has treats hidden in them. She's terrible on the leash (omg a dog! a squirrel! a car door! jingling keys! a cat! a cyclist!), but we'll be in a class for that soon and her food motivation will come in handy. :):

She was skittish about the backyard initially, but now has every neighborhood squirrel in fear (seriously, they won't come in the yard at all) and runs a tight ship. Very much the enforcer/hall monitor, which you'd expect from a terrier. Everyone is in love with her rudder, aka tail. It's in constant motion!  Here's a picture from Monday. Hope you're having a good start to Fall.

-laura (and beau)

sweet pea dog pic.jpg

Happy Tails Update on Cash AKA Jasper

I just wanted to send you a quick update about sweet Cash, now named Jasper. He is a very kind and gentle boy who has been slowly acclimating to his new home.He especially loves his new spot on the couch and chasing the ball in the front yard. As you mentioned, he has been really resistant to the crate, but it seems like we're making gradual progress - eating breakfast and dinner out of it has definitely helped, and his whining was noticeably reduced last night. Most of all, he absolutely loves to be with his new parents, whether it's snuggled next to us or out on a walk around the neighborhood. 

happy tails pic 10-06-18.jpg

Happy Tails Update on Princess

Princess,(13.5 years and 57 lbs) on her terrace enjoy view of Tacoma's Commencement Bay.  She is very happy and doing well.                 We just love her.

7184 (1).jpeg


I’m checking in about Flicka as it has been two weeks since we adopted her. Well, we just love her and want her to stay with us permanently.  Flicka is doing great. She fit right into our family. She has found her spots in the house for when we are busy, but if one of us settles in on a couch or chair then she joins us and snuggles in. She is laying on my lap as I write this. She loves her twice daily walks, one of which is walking Hans and Stella to school each morning. She has incredible eye contact and loves to be near people. She is the sweetest dog! We also took her to our vet and he said that she is in great shape. He said that we got a good one! He could tell we were very happy about Flicka. Anyway, we would like to thank you.  I really believe that she was meant for us. Thank you for fostering her and being such an advocate for dogs. 




Happy Tails Update on Flicka 

Flicka 1.jpg
flika 2.jpg
flicka 3.jpg

Happy Tails Lola

formerly Londo/Lolita


I adopted Lola (formerly Lodo/Lolita) in July of 2017.  Lola is loving life in Winthrop.  We spend lots of time hiking and skiing, and she has been going to obedience and agility classes.  She has blossomed with lots of love, gentle correction and patience.  I recently took on care of my mom and Lola loves Grandma!  Lola is so sweet, loving & fun to hike & play with. We are so glad she is part of our family!



Lola competed in the Methow Trails Doggy dash a few weeks ago, that is where the first pic came from.  it is my favorite of her.Yes, she is very happy. She loves having two humans to try to herd. Mom has Alzheimer and they are best friends.  dog company seems to be really good for mom, & they really love each other.  does not hurt that mom shares her food once in a while……


Happy to have you share on the website.

Off to take lola for a 5 mile cross country ski today.

thank you so much.


Lola 1.png
lola 2.jpg
lola 6.JPG


I wanted to let you all know that Simon, now known as doughnut (my husband got to choose the name, I was happy with Simon), is doing marvelously at our home. As you can see in the photo below, doughnut, and our resident cat, Maisie, are the best of friends and do everything together.

Doughnut has a wonderful  temperament and I wanted to commend the foster mom for the great work she did. He is well behaved and very gentle. We all love Simon/Doughnut. Thank you for allowing him to be part of our family. He is going to have a fabulous life.


The Brown Family (Julie, Alan, Ari, Taran, Maisie and now Doughnut)

Julie Brown

pic from Julie re simon.jpg

Reno Is Doing Great!

In this Picture his eyes are open!  Reno is tricky to photograph.  He's had some breakthroughs over the last weeks. 

Starting to play with toys and other dogs.  He and Brett have bonded.!


Miss Olivia Still Living the Good Life

In 2004 I adopted a kitten.  The kitten I brought home that day is still with me 17.5 years later!


I named her Olivia and she is everything to me! She’s a happy senior lady now living her best life.


Some photos: one of Miss Olivia relaxing on my lap age 17, one of her adoptions papers from 2004 age 8 weeks when she was known as “Daphne”, and one of her looking pretty on the sofa age 17.


That you S.P.O.T for all you do!

Debra Tresp

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