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Ways to Help



Sponsor a Pet: It costs SPOT approximately $120 for each foster animal who passes through our network. This sum includes spay or neuter, testing for FeLV and FIV, vaccines, worming, flea and ear mite treatments, microchips, and any other medical care. Then there's food, litter and clean bedding. And this is just for the first week! Longer stays, of course, cost us more.


Sponsor an Event: SPOT has many annual fundraisers and a great way to help our all volunteer organization is to sponsor (or partially sponsor) one of our fundraisers. If you or the company you work for would be willing to  sponsor one of our events, please give us a call at 360-336-5388. All Event Sponsors are acknowledged in multiple ways at event as well as event advertising. If you don't have time to donate, this is a great alternative!


Sponsor a Program: SPOT offers several programs that benefit the community. We are always in need of funds to support programs such as:

  • Managing Alley Cat Colonies (MACC) 

  • Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) 

  • Sanctuary Pets Program which supports cats & dogs in safe haven homes (Sanctuary)

  • Sadie Fund, which assists pet owners with veterinary bills in order to keep pets in their homes.

Event Coordinator: Take charge of SPOT events.  Organize and lead our community events.  This person would work with the volunteer coordinator to ensure adequate coverage and representation. Volunteer Application: Print, fill out and mail or drop it off.


Pet Fostering: Fosters are the backbone of our organization. Because we are not a shelter, our pets live in foster homes until they can be adopted out to a new family. This can be a rewarding experience for both you and the pets. Volunteer Application: Print, fill out and mail or drop it off.


Adoption Counselors: SPOT has adoptathon and outreach booths at Petco in Mount Vernon.  We announce outreach dates as they become known. Training is available for those interested in helping us place our foster animals into loving and permanent homes. This is a busy atmosphere and the Adoption Counselors should be good at organization and multi-tasking. Volunteer Application: Print, fill out and mail or drop it off.


MACC Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to help us trap and transport feral cats via our Managing Alley Cat Colonies (MACC) program. These cats are trapped, spayed/neutered and returned back to the original location once a guardian is established. Volunteer Application: Print, fill out and mail or drop it off.

Educational Visits: Would you be comfortable speaking to a small group? Area schools, clubs and organizations sometimes ask us to come talk with them about pet care or animal rescue. Volunteer Application: Print, fill out and mail or drop it off.

Fundraising: This one is wide open. Do you have a great idea? Can you organize it and get others involved to make it work? We're listening! Volunteer Application: Print, fill out and mail or drop it off.

Administrative Tasks: We also have important administrative tasks such as assistant volunteer coordinator position, data entry, bookkeeping, inventory management, marketing, public speaking, social media, the list goes on as more needs arise. Volunteer Application: Print, fill out and mail or drop it off.


Foster Information:


Foster Homes are the foundation of the S.P.O.T. pet rescue organization. S.P.O.T. houses the dogs and cats in our care in foster homes until a permanent and loving home can be found for them. Foster home requirements differ for cats and dogs but generally provide a safe, secure environment for a dog or cat until the animal is adopted into a new home. The purpose of a foster home is to prepare the pet for his/her new home which may include training, exercising, socialization, transporting to veterinary appointments and/or providing identified health care.


S.P.O.T. will train & mentor new fosters regarding the organization’s expectations of animal husbandry (pet care) and S.P.O.T.’s guidelines for fostering. All cats and dogs identified in our foster system are the property of the organization and fosters are our stewards. It is important that volunteers understand and agree to the conditions of the organization regarding fostering.


S.P.O.T. provides supplies for pet care (eg: food, litter, bedding, crates, toys, etc.), veterinary care and general support for the organization’s approved fosters. All pet care supplies and services are purchased by the organization at the discretion of the organization and (unless preapproved) does not reimburse fosters for supplies or services.


General Foster Duties:

* Provide a safe environment for the SPOT foster dog or cat that meets the pet’s needs.

* Provide food/water, training, socializing, and other essentials required for each individual animal to ensure a successful adoption

* Keep record of pre-adoption health care requirements: vaccinations, parasite control, testing, spayed/neutered, follow-up veterinary appointments.

* Keep the foster animal clean and maintain an awareness of health needs

* Provide transportation for animal to veterinary clinic (example: spay/neuter appointments)

* Provide a ‘New Home Profile’ for adoption placement

* Provide pictures and description of personality and needs when pet is ready for adoption

* Deliver (or schedule delivery) of foster animals to outreach locations and prepare packet and pet for adoption.

* Screen potential new pet homes based on adoption criteria for individual animal


General Knowledge & Skills (or willingness to learn):

* General knowledge of SPOT’s bylaws, policies and procedures

* Ability to handle cats and dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments

* General knowledge of pet care and the benefits of spay/neuter

* The ability to “let go” when the animal finds a permanent home

* Public service & communication skills

* Please note: All volunteers must be 21 year of age.​

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering please fill out the volunteer inquiry below or email

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