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Sanctuary Dogs & Cats


Sanctuary Foster Homes for Rescue Pets:  SPOT’s Sanctuary Foster Homes initially came into being due to the frequency of requests for assistance with senior pets. Rather than turning people and their pets away, SPOT has developed a program for veterinary care assistance for pets not considered adoptable and maintained in community foster homes.


Sanctuary pets fall under two categories: 1) Age and/or health related issues that prohibit adoption, 2) Behavioral issues that prohibit adoption.


SPOT invites community members to email us for more information about providing Sanctuary Foster Care.  Compassionate care for senior pets or pets with health or behavior issues takes a special kind of person.  Often these pets have limited life expectancy or behavioral issues that require a lot of patience and understanding.


Our dog or cat team representatives will communicate with interested people to determine the pet profile that would best fit in each home.


Please send email inquiries to


  • Your full name/gender/age and the same for all members of household.

  • Description of current pets in household: species/breed/gender/age

  • Address (street/city/zip)

  • Description of home & property, including yard.

  • Reason for considering becoming a Sanctuary Foster Home.


Our preference is that a sanctuary foster home is within a 50 mile radius maximum of Burlington.  Our veterinary resources are in Mount Vernon, Burlington & Sedro Woolley and pets need to be transported by the foster.


"Chloe is a sweet, loving, girl .... with a cardiac condition that requires medication morning & night. Usually, she acts like a relatively normal senior dog.  Intense excitement & sudden changes that cause anxiety are her biggest issues so a calmer, relatively consistent home environment is best for her. 


A little exercise during the day would be good for her like a 10-15 minute walk without hills. But she'll also trot around the yard herself. (She'd love a contained yard to snoot around in.) 


She's ok with most dogs as long as there isn't any food around to squabble over but she really doesn't care about k-9 company. 


Chloe is a funny, affectionate dog with a healthcare need. If you have the 'heart' to open your home to her for Sanctuary, SPOT will continue to be financially responsible for her medical care."

You're welcome to ask questions about Chloe.

Send email to:


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