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Cats Desperately Seeking Adopters!

On this page are a few of SPOT's Long-timers who have been waiting patiently for a new family as well as Special Needs Kitties.

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4-5 year old female
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If only these animal could talk! SPOT received a call from a local veterinary clinic where a stray cat had been brought in with a collar growing into its skin, behind her front legs. Thankfully the cat had a microchip and the owner was located, only to discover they had recently got her and didn't allow her enough transition time to adjust to her new home, so they put her outside. And they didn't want her back. After extensive surgery and recovery, this sweet girl was brought into the SPOT foster system where after a few days she had adjusted to her new foster home. The clinic gave her a gold-star report on her personality and health, as she never complained or fought them during her medical treatment. Bets is a sweet,  very affectionate 4-5 year old cat that deserves a home where she will have a lap to sleep on and friendly hands to pet her. 

You'll notice that she also has her ear tipped, to show that she has been spayed. This identification is usually used for feral cats that are going to be released outside after spay/neuter surgery. Some shelters/clinics will alter cats for free, only if they are allowed to be ear clipped. Bets is not a feral cat....but if you adopted her, maybe she'll tell you her life-story!

Bets has been through some trauma and she would really like to go to a quiet home where she'll get lots of understanding and attention. 

4 Tuxedo Kittens

These four little darlings were found behind a wood pile in a coyote infested area.  The woman who found them called a SPOT volunteer, who trapped three of them, and was able to trap the mom and the fourth kitten the following day.  The mom is extremely feral; she was spayed and returned to the area of her 'home'.  The neighbors have set up three feeding stations and 'safe spots' for her to hide. The SPOT volunteer is now fostering the kittens until they're old enough to be spayed/neutered and socialized to live in their forever homes.  They were just 3 weeks at the time of intake and are becoming used to the noise and commotion of a busy household and two large dogs!  These little sweeties are socializing nicely and will be ready for adoption in about 5 weeks around 11/15/16.  If interested please apply.

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I was named by a nine year old friend after the leader of a cat clan in a popular series of cat adventure books. She had high aspirations for me, we all did. Mainly that I would be able to clear the Feline leukemia virus from my body. I tested positive when I first came to Spot but due to my age, 2 years, and my fantastic personality it was hoped that retesting later would show no trace of the virus. That didn't happen. I still tested positive though I am in great health otherwise. I'm sleek,affectionate, rambunctious, and full of life.  My best hope is finding someone who can love me and give me a home until my health starts to decline. It could be six months or several years, we just don't know. Is there someone out there with a positive cat who would love a playmate? Or someone who would like just one very special indoor cat? If so, let's talk.

2 year old Male
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Puss Puss
9 Year old Female
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Puss Puss has managed to become a senior while in SPOT's care!  We can't understand why no one has adopted this lady.  She is now 9 years old and still in need of that special someone. Puss Puss will melt your heart and relax you with her calm personality and quiet energy. She just wants to be a constant companion and keep you company.  She does have an unusual head tilt to the right from a past neurological issue, but the vet says she is just fine and it gives her a special physical trait! She is a very sweet little lady. Please help us find a retirement home for this kitty!

17 Year old Male

Spider is a 17-year-old young white and black male. This sweet boy is in great shape! At last vet check, the doctor would have guessed him to be 7 years old. His owners kept him and partner (Little Foot) up-to-date on their vet checks and teeth cleaning. Bottle fed as feral kittens, they have grown into very nice, friendly cats and they now need a safe, warm and loving home to spend their final years. A home with no other cats or dogs would be best. Spidey's person became too ill to care for him any longer and with sadness he was surrendered to SPOT. He likes attention, but is a little shy at first. If you have that special, quiet home that you'd like to share with a senior cat or two....

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