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"Saving Pets One at a Time (SPOT) would like to acknowledge the generous gift set up by Pat Odlin from her estate. We sincerely appreciate Pat's compassion for homeless dogs and her faith that SPOT will care for them until a new home is found!"  Click here to Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book: Patricia A. Odlin's Obituary on Anacortes American.

From Mary - SPOT Volunteer:

There was a spay/neuter MASH style clinic this past weekend (March 3rd and 4th) at Skagit Valley College; I am sooooo pleased to report that 123 cats were altered over the course of those two days! 


My role was primarily that as an observer and runner-of-errands.  The Feral Cat Project, based in Lynnwood, the Humane Society of Skagit Valley, and WESNIP of Whatcom were the primary coordinators. 


SPOT provided beverages and healthy snacks, which were much appreciated.  We also provided loads of bath towels, fleece cut to a specific size, and sheets cut for carrier covers.



On Saturday 1/27/18,  SPOT took in a surrendered adult cat, Fat Gus. The owner wrote down on the surrender form that she had owned the kitty for quite some time. Our SPOT cat director, Corinne, talked to the veterinarian and was told the gal said she had only had the kitty since March. The story we were told didn't match what the owner told us.


When Corinne went to microchip him, she found he had a chip. She wrote down the number of the AVID chip and called AVID. They told us the cat is a 5 year old male adult cat. They said the cat had not been reported lost; they did have contact information on the owner. This was different than the name the person surrendering the cat provided.  Corinne asked AVID to please contact the owner and find out if they wanted their cat back and to contact SPOT if they did.


The next morning there was a voice message saying "that they received a call from AVID and were greatly surprised and happy that SPOT had found their cat and to please call".


Corinne called and talked with the owners of HUNTER, Hunter was adopted through the HSSV, (Humane Society Of Skagit Valley), he had been missing for 3 years and they wanted him back and were so happy SPOT called.

Corinne met them later Sunday. They were so excited to see Hunter and the man was elated as Hunter was HIS cat and he really missed him!


This is why Micro Chipping your pet is so very important.


Thank you to everyone who voted for SPOT on King 5 Best of Western Washington. We are honored to be a finalist!

Community Spay & Neuter Clinic

SPOT volunteers had a busy weekend Oct 21 & 22 along with folks from WeSNIP, Bellingham; HSSV & staff & vets from The Feral Cat Spay & Neuter Clinic in Lynnwood.

WESNIP, HSSV & FCSPC have coordinated with SVC to lease rooms in their new Science & Technology building to stage (4) of these clinics this year.

The weekend event successfully spayed & neutered over 100 cats from local homes & rescues at free or very reduced costs.

The next date is the 1st weekend in March.

                           Lost Cat Reunited with Owner

Just wanted to let everyone know that I took in this cat yesterday at North Cascade Vet Hospital. Since the woman who brought him in said the owners had moved over a year ago and had not posted any signs, I decided not to run an ad for the cat. I asked if they could go ahead and test, microchip and vaccinate (thinking I could save myself another trip to Sedro Woolley.) They found a chip, and told me they would contact the owner the next day. I took him home thinking that like a lot of chipped cats the people had given him away or not updated their contact info. We've all had cats with chips that owners no longer want, right? Or registered to people who are no longer reachable.
Today I got a call saying they had reached the owners and they really wanted their cat, Kazoo back. He had gotten freaked out during the move and they weren't able to catch him. Apparently they had notified the Humane Society and also tried trapping with no luck. He's been in the neighborhood for over a year. Happy ending anyhow, thought I would share. Also his chip has migrated to his upper leg, I'm not sure we would have found it had we scanned.. So thanks Mel with North Cascade Vet Hospital! She said they have found them in weird places so they are very thorough as a result.

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