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Rescue organizations like S.P.O.T. are always in need of good foster homes.

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of animal rescue.  There are many ways in which you might be of service. Can you set aside some time to help in the rescue process? If so, please fill out the Volunteer Form

Volunteer Orientation classes are held at the SPOT house. The next orientation class is to be determined.  Please email to let us know  you are interested in attending a class.

830 S. Spruce Street

PO Box 211

Burlington, WA 98233

Phone 360.336.5388

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We love to hear your stories! Please send stories and pictures to:


Thank you Petco Foundation for supporting SPOT's Programs!

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With gratitude for the 2019 Grant award to S.P.O.T. for Community Assistance/Sadie Fund Program.

SPOT is doing adoptions and surrenders for dogs and cats.  We are adhering to public health guidelines.  We will walk potential adopters through that process as appointments are made.


Also copied here is a portion of Skagit County's official position on Covid-19 regarding pets:


'COVID-19 Skagit County Animal Response Guidelines


Currently there is no evidence that companion animals can be a source of infection to humans or animals. Human to human contact and droplets on surfaces appear to be the biggest threat for transmission. Out of an abundance of caution the following is recommended:


For the Public:

-It is recommended that animals and their owners co-house as often as possible. It is also recommended to plan for your animals' care in case you or your entire house are unable to care for your pets.

-If a person in the home becomes ill, it is recommended that the ill individual limit their contact with the animal and have another family member care for the animals if available. If the ill patient is the only care giver for the animal, the WHO, OEI, and CDC continue to recommend that close contact be avoided, maintain good hygiene practices and wear a face mask if possible.

- Animals may be walked outside on a leash, but should not have contact with other animals or people as long as ill owner is on isolation. It is recommended that animal be bathed after isolation to remove any virus possible on the fur.

-If an owner is ill, hospitalized, or deceased and there is no known family or friends to care for the animal, Animal Control or Law Enforcement may be contacted for removal or care of the animal as deemed appropriate and safe.'


Contact for people interested in volunteering.
Skagit County Resource Assistance Line at 1-360-416-1892 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily


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